Turning Red EP

by Emker Cel

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Third and final EP of the "Colour" trilogy, following Green Light and Amberlina.


released July 20, 2016

Written, performed and produced by Matt Kassell.
Drums on "Turning Red" by Howard Connor.
Cover art / photography by Dominic Manderson.
Made in Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, UK.



all rights reserved


Emker Cel Barrow In Furness, UK

Emker Cel is the solo project of Matt Kassell.
Matt writes, performs and produces recordings at his studio in Barrow-in-Furness, with occasional help from friends.
Summer 2016 has seen the release of the first three EPs, each of 3 songs. A limited edition (100) compilation of these EPs is available on CD. New album currently being recorded. (17/8/17)
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Track Name: Turning Red
Imagine this is a TV show
Where you decide who stays, who goes,
And you can change the make-up of your town
What runs though your mind:
How to leave the rest behind,
Or throw the book at those who let you down?

Wake up from your dream
Your power-trip's not all it seems

Close your eyes or they'll be turning red
No-one's heard a single word you've said

I want to tell you all I know
It won't take long so I'll go slow
I want to be the one who shaped your mind
You're so lucky to have me
Mine was never there for me to see
I guess it's in my nature to be kind

Opinions I'll provide
So you don't have to decide

Close your eyes or they'll be turning red
No-one's heard a single word I've said

But I don't like the look that's in your eyes, boy
No I don't like the look that's in your eyes

I want to open a restaurant
I can't cook but I'll make you what you want
Recipes I've cut from magazines
You swallow all my lies
I don't even have to try

Close your eyes or they'll be turning red
Close your mind to everything I've said
Track Name: Andrea
It was a winter morning, the first time we saw Andrea
She'd come from Buenos Aires with her father for his job
She just turned thirteen, old enough to know what it all means.

She stayed against her wishes, til independence finally came along
She swore in every language that her tongue would wind its way around
And her message was so clear: love me now for I will disappear.

How we miss her.
Track Name: Half A Lifetime Ago
I've got nothing to say to you
Haven't seen you since we were in school
That was over half a lifetime ago

What makes you think you'd know me now?
Have you followed my story somehow?
You were written out half a lifetime ago

So don't ask me how I've been
Don't even talk to me
And please don't let her catch my eye
I want just to show her how
That I wouldn't know her now
If she was just passing by

I've got nothing to say to you.